Casa da Boavista Casa de Barreiros Pioledo´s House2 Vinhas´s House Caneleira´s House Tanque´s House
Enjoys a relaxing retreat at the Boavista´s House
Enjoy moments of true refuge and privacy in the Barreiros´s House
Intensely alive nature in the Pioledo´s House
Spend pleasant and relaxing moments in the Vinhas´s House.
Relax in the Caneleira´s House
Retreat back to nature. Feel free in the Tanque´s House
From 66,5€/night!
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Camélias de Basto

Camélias de Basto - Rural Tourism is a housing project, implemented in the Municipality of Celorico de Basto, which seeks to consolidate a position of reference for nature lovers in a region with several interesting features.

Laranjeiras´s House

The house was built keeping the original and typical traces of the region and using excellent materials, without neglecting the details of interior comfort with contemporary lines that transmit tranquility and well-being.